Books Read: The Caledonian Gambit

Book Info


A sole survivor of a battle is cut off for five years. When his captors rejoin the galaxy he turns out to be the brother of a terrorist/freedom-fighter on his home war. He occasionally figures out who is playing him as a pawn and muddles his way through the cloak and dagger intrigue. One one side is a seasoned intelligence operator on the other his brother, the local FBI makes an appearance. They attempt a heist of some new technology that could change the balance of power in the galaxy.


A fun read that kept me engaged throughout. Information creeps out in dribs and drabs. Sometimes the book seemed like a collection of good ideas, which may not be uncommon for first time authors. I wasn’t sure I liked the shifting point of views, not sure I would have picked just Eli and Kovalic as the two POVs. I would have liked to hear from Eamon and even Gwen at some point. Eamon’s death at the end was a little too convenient and improbable.

Final Word

I’m giving this 35 stars on Goodreads. I enjoyed the book a good first effort.