Happy Anniversary

One year ago I resolved to begin producing on the internet. So I started an Instagram account to chronicle my attempts at making cocktails. Now one year and 83 cocktails later I've grown my bar and my skills. But being a nerd I also had to pull some stats..

  • I've made 83 different cocktails
  • The most commonly used ingredient in Lemon Juice (31)
  • The most commonly used alcohol ingredient is Gin (23)
  • I've used 33 unique ingredients not including bitters
  • The smallest cocktail had three ingredients
  • The largest cocktail had eight ingredients
  • I've sourced the most cocktails from Cocktail Virgin Blog (23) with Common Man Cocktails coming in second (13)
I owe much of my inspiration to those two sources. Vastly different styles and backgrounds even if they are relatively nearby geographically. If you can find a way to support them you should. 

Looking forward to the next year!